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  • Don't worry, your laptop is safe

    With VirtuaLock you can easily protect your laptop when you are away. Laptops are an easy target for thieves but with VirtuaLock thieves have no chance. Nobody touches your laptop while you're having a coffee break.

  • Nobody can touch your laptop

    If somebody tries to steal your laptop, VirtuaLock sets off the alarm. A loud alarm goes off and all nearby VirtuaLock users receive an on-screen alert. You are notified immediately with an SMS message. No theft goes unnoticed.

  • Prevent laptop theft together

    Whether it's in your office or in your favourite coffeehouse, nearby VirtuaLock members are automatically detected. They guard your laptop while you're away. In return, you guard their laptops when they need it.

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    "I started using Virtualock since a couple of days and it's easy and effective"

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